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Growing up I never really cooked or really had any interest in it for that matter. If it came in a box and you could pour milk on it, it was good enough for me. Now don’t get me wrong I still do love a good bowl of fruity pebbles, but some where along the line my interests changed. I now have a passion for all things culinary. I am not a professional by any means, but rather a hobbyist on a journey to sharpen and hone my skills. I read and study about food daily and am always trying new things. When I am not playing with my beautiful daughter, hanging out with my awesome wife or training for triathlons, I am thinking about, reading about, or doing something with food.

I wanted to start a food blog for no other reason than fun. I have gotten so much from the food blogging world as far as recipes, inspiration and instruction. It is time for me to join this food blogging universe and see if I can’t do the same for others.

In the spirit of my Culinary and Literary favorite, Anthony Bourdain, I intend to be honest and hopefully inject a little humor along the way. Look for recipes, reviews, and rants.