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Kenowa Hills Schools Bonding Proposal Results

Kenowa Hills Schools Bonding Proposal Results

With 15 out of 15 Precincts reporting, the Kenowa Hills Schools Bonding Proposal resulted in Yes – 2,004 votes to No - 3,304 votes. 


Radio Shack on Alpine Avenue is closing

Radio Shack on Alpine Avenue is closing

The Radio Shack store at 3233 Alpine Ave NW in Walker is going out of business.  Right now, everything in the store is selling for 40 – 60% off the regular price.  Store employees say they expect to get at least one more shipment of new merchandise before the store closes on June 30th.

The closure is part of Radio Shack’s bankruptcy reorganization, which plans to close 1,784 stores across the country, including more than 50 stores in Michigan.  As for the remaining stores, RadioShack said it signed a purchase agreement with General Wireless, an affiliate of Standard General, to sell between 1,500 and 2,400 of the stores.  General Wireless is expected to work with Sprint to set up the “store within a store” concept.

Construction begins on sidewalk on I-96 overpass

Construction begins on sidewalk on I-96 overpass

Alpine Avenue is finally getting a sidewalk on the I-96 overpass in Walker.  Construction is underway on the nearly half-mile long sidewalk. 

Right now, pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in wheel chairs, have to walk or roll on the grass and on the narrow shoulder of Alpine Avenue, with vehicles whizzing by just inches away.  The new sidewalk will connect with two existing sidewalks, which now end in front of Logan’s restaurant north of I-96 and in front of Home Depot south of the freeway.

The city of Walker is spending more than $80,000 in Federal Community Development block grant money to build the sidewalk and safety fence on the west side of Alpine Avenue and I-96 overpass.

McDonald’s rebirth in Walker

McDonald’s rebirth in Walker

If you were planning to stop at McDonalds on Alpine Avenue in Walker to grab a burger, you’ll have to make other plans.  The owners of the restaurant  at 2652 Alpine Avenue are in the process of tearing it down to make way for a new McDonald’s. 

The 50 year old fast food restaurant no longer met the needs of today’s customers.  Plans call for three drive-thru windows, a smaller dining room, and the removal of the play area.

The demolition and construction of a new restaurant is expected to take about 60 days.

Sidewalks being added along more of Alpine

WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- A construction project on Alpine Ave. is expanding the area's sidewalks.

The work is being done on the west side of Alpine between Three Mile and Center Drive.

The project targets the gaps in the sidewalks that force walkers and people in wheelchairs to use the grass to get through.

The project will also include a fence over the I-96 bridges to allow pedestrians to safely use the paved shoulder on the west side of Alpine.

The construction is being funded by a community development block grant.

First Graduates of Kenowa Hills Middle College - 2015

First Graduates of Kenowa Hills Middle College - 2015

The Board of Education of Kenowa Hills Public Schools is pleased to announce the savings of college expenses valued at $512,126 by the first Kenowa Hills High School/Davenport University Middle College graduating class. The first students scheduled to complete the program this spring have participated in classes valued from $30,361 to $35,076.

From Allison Polkowski, a student who will be graduating in May. “For the past three years, Middle College has impacted me in a way I had never considered. Taking a blended schedule of high school and college classes simultaneously has challenged, driven and progressed me more than many students the same age. I am incredibly confident in the interpersonal, professional and medical skills that I have gained in this period of time. I have also discovered possibilities for future careers with no college debt.”

Walker roundabout construction begins Monday

WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) - A major Walker intersection starts getting its facelift Monday.

The intersection of Remembrance Road and Wilson Avenue begins its transition to being a roundabout. Monday. The project is expected to take about five months. The project is part of a larger effort to resurface Wilson Avenue from Lake Michigan Drive to Remembrance Road.

Mayor Mark Huizenga says the number-one priority when making the decision on a roundabout is safety.

"Even if you have the number of accidents decrease, that's one thing -- but we know that vehicles will be traveling at a slower velocity," he said, "so when you have slower-velocity crashes, you are less likely to have significant injuries."