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My Town: Governor names Michigan Tree Fruit Commission

My Town: Governor names Michigan Tree Fruit Commission

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LANSING, Mich. (State of Michigan)– Gov. Rick Snyder today announced nine appointments to the newly created Michigan Tree Fruit Commission.

The nine-member commission was established by growers in 2014 to improve the economic position and competitiveness of the Michigan tree fruit industry.

“The food and agriculture industry is one of the pillars of Michigan’s economy,” Snyder said. “I am confident that this group of appointees will work hard to grow this sector of our economy.”

Initial terms expiring March 1, 2015:

Patrick Goodfellow, of Sparta, is the owner of PG Orchards LLC. He previously worked as a plumbing apprentice and maintenance worker which is beneficial in the day-to-day operations of a farm. Goodfellow graduated from West Catholic High School. He will represent fruit growers in District 2.

New Dog Park on Grand Rapids' West Side

New Dog Park on Grand Rapids' West Side

Grand Rapids has a new dog park near the corner of Covell & Bridge St. NW, just above the track of Union High School. This area was a former public tennis court, built about 20 years ago, when the sport of tennis was at it's peak.

This former tennis court area was converted into a dog park due to the hard and dedicated work of residents Jessica Kooistra and Ryan TerBush. They have raised money over the past year for an escape-proof gate and to build a shelter on the property. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on May 17th and is now the second dog park in Grand Rapids. 

Mike Fraser, of Out on a Limb Playhouses, located in Grand Haven, donated his time last week to build the shelter.

The park is free to all dog owners and has been funded by donations from local businesses and residents. For additional information on the park, visit the dog park's Facebook page at facebook.com/GrandRapidsNwDogPark.

Try Something different for Summer: Italian Beef Sandwiches

Try Something different for Summer: Italian Beef Sandwiches

With graduations, wedding rehearsal dinners and family gatherings coming up, here is a sandwich that is different and delicious. There are so many condiments required for hot dogs & hamburgers but this recipe is worry free. Just set it and forget it until the beef is done. It can be served without the sautéed vegetables too, you choose. The recipe just states how my daughter in law Liz & I both serve it. The recipe came from her.

Your guests will love it served up with a nice salad. Give it a try; this is a recipe that you could make the day before and just warm up.


Italian Beef Sandwiches

6# Beef Chuck Roast

2 packages Dry Italian Dressing Mix

1 package Dry Onion Soup Mix

Some Garlic

Some Italian Seasoning

¼ cup Water?

Combine all of the above ingredients in a crock pot on high for 8 hours. Take out all fat and shred meat. Return to crock pot and keep warm till served.

My Town: Kenowa Hills graduate delivers farewell rap

ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich.--  Kenowa Hills High School’s newest graduates will likely never forget the first speech delivered during their graduation.

On Wednesday, May 28, Sean Beachnau stepped up to the podium and with one deep breath, launched into a four minute rap.  Beachnau posted the entire address on YouTube with the message, “a great way to end my years at Kenowa Hills.”

Beachnau, who served as the senior class vice president, will attend Grand Valley State University in the fall.  He plans to major in international business.  Wheaton College, the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are also among the schools this year's graduates plan to attend next.

Pennington says 212 seniors participated in the graduation ceremony, which lasted about 90 minutes.  More than 1,000 people attended the event, filling Kenowa Hills Fieldhouse to capacity.  Additional guests watched the ceremony from the performing arts center.

Visit the Michigan Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall on May 24 & 25

Visit the Michigan Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall on May 24 & 25

WALKER, Mich.-- The Michigan Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall will be in Walker this Saturday, May 24 and Sunday, May 25.

On Saturday at noon, 200 motorcycles will escort the traveling memorial to the Neil Fonger American Legion Hall, located at 2327 Wilson SW.   The legion will host a ceremony at the wall beginning at 1 p.m.  American Legion Michigan State Commander Ray Moore will be in attendance.

The public is invited to view the memorial wall through Sunday, May 25.  It will be on display around the clock. For more information call Catherine at (616) 558-1713.

My Town: Ryan Reardon assumes ownership of two Grand Rapids McDonald's locations

My Town: Ryan Reardon assumes ownership of two Grand Rapids McDonald's locations

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.--  McDonald’s Corporation announced Friday, May 16  that McDonald’s owner/operator Ryan Reardon has taken ownership of the McDonald’s restaurants at 1130 Fulton St. SW and 1240 S. Division in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Reardon, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, has been with McDonald’s throughout West Michigan since 2007.

Reardon, 33, is a 2003 graduate from John Carroll University, where he was a running back on the football team. The assistant coach on that team was his father Tim Reardon, a JCU and Ohio football coaching legend. After he graduated from JCU, Reardon worked in Florida in the fields of heavy commercial construction and civil engineering, and in the Cleveland area working for Pulte Homes.

Opinion: Courtesy uncommon behind the wheel

Opinion: Courtesy uncommon behind the wheel

I don’t consider myself an old fuddy duddy at all but I am fast becoming someone who thinks a lot of us have lost any and all regard for etiquette and courtesy.

As an example, I get a little perturbed when sitting at a traffic light at Alpine and Three Mile Road NW, maybe three to four cars back, the light turns green but no one is moving and there is nothing visible in the way of traffic. Just as the light turns yellow, the lead vehicle suddenly turns right and leaves all the remaining vehicles sitting there, not able to cross Alpine. How many guesses would it take for a person to realize the lead vehicle was either on the phone or texting, completely unaware of the traffic light or anyone around them. So inconsiderate.