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KHPS - Environmental Science Class "Stream Team" participates in real world learning

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Each year, students in Mr. Byle’s Environmental Science class participate in outdoor lab activities at Indian Mill Creek, located near Walker Avenue. For the last five years, the class has visited the property owned by Gene DeWys, a former KH principal. The stream team has also visited the creek at Gracewil Golf Course. At the stream, students test for dissolved oxygen, ammonia levels, nitrates, phosphates, pH, and total dissolved solids. They also measure water speed and volume and search for and record types of macroinvertebrates living in the stream. Students take soil samples and do a survey of stream and bank conditions on the section being studied. When all the data is collected, a report is written up with data and conclusions about the health of the stream.

Pictured at the left are Adam Guigue and Trey Ainsworth.

Blanford Nature Center - Leaf ID Scavenger Hunt

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Fall is a great time to learn to identify trees by their leaves.  We'll have field guides, instruction, and then a great scavenger hunt!
$3 per person

KHPS - Motivated Students Make a Difference

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By Katie Bush, Middle School Teacher

One of my favorite things to teach in science class is a seventh-grade unit called Human Impact. The unit focuses on all the ways we humans affect the world around us just by doing the things we do every day. Last year after the unit was completed, I had several students who wanted to make a difference in the environment. They asked if we could plant some trees in our courtyard. Reluctantly, I agreed. At the time, it just seemed like one more task for me to complete, another activity to add to my already heaping plate; but the students took charge. They raised the money and stayed after school a few times last spring to help plant the trees and bushes.