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Motel 6 murder suspect claims innocence in Walker Courtroom

WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) - The man charged in the stabbing death of a fellow guest at a Walker Motel 6, Jack Jacqmain, was in 59th District Court for his arraignment Friday -- and despite his felony murder charge, Jacqmain was talking back to the judge.

The courtroom was quiet Friday, as no family members from either side showed up. But 52-year-old Jacqmain, who fled from police to Missouri, was talking. He claims he didn't murder 31-year-old Mark Moore and the judge entered a plea of not guilty for him.

The murder happened on August 18 at the Motel 6 on Three Mile Road at Alpine Avenue NW. Police say Jacqmain stabbed 31-year-old Mark Moore. Witnesses told WZZM 13 that Jacqmain killed Moore, then got his backpack and calmly walked away.

Because Jacqmain fled to Missouri, the judge called him a flight risk, and did not grant bond.

State corrections officers moved Jack Jacqmain to Grand Rapids Thursday

WALKER, Mich. (WZZM) -- The suspect in the murder of a guest at a Motel 6 will appear in court in Walker Friday Morning.

The Michigan Department of Corrections transported Jack Jacqmain, 52, to the Kent County Jail Thursday afternoon.  Jacqmain had been housed in a state facility in Jackson since his extradition from Missouri last week.

Jacqmain is the suspect in the August 18 stabbing death of Mark Moore, 31, at the Motel 6 on 3 Mile Rd. NW.

On August 25, a police officer in Florissant, Missouri, arrested Jacqmain, who was found sleeping behind a convenience store.  After a fingerprint check, officers in the city near St. Louis discovered Jacqmain was a Michigan parole absconder and was wanted for the Walker murder.

Sneak peek of WZZM 13's 'mobile venue' in ArtPrize 2010

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Here at WZZM 13, we decided that we wanted to participate even more in ArtPrize this year -- so we came up with the idea of being a mobile venue.

We are posting sneak peek photos of the actual artwork will hang off of the WZZM 13 satellite truck.

Can you make out what the image is going to be? You can see -- there are animals involved. When it's all done -- you've got to see the "hedgehog."

Coming up on Monday, we'll introduce you to our artist, Kevin Zimmer of Kalamazoo.

KHPS - Motivated Students Make a Difference

From: http://www.khps.org
By Katie Bush, Middle School Teacher

One of my favorite things to teach in science class is a seventh-grade unit called Human Impact. The unit focuses on all the ways we humans affect the world around us just by doing the things we do every day. Last year after the unit was completed, I had several students who wanted to make a difference in the environment. They asked if we could plant some trees in our courtyard. Reluctantly, I agreed. At the time, it just seemed like one more task for me to complete, another activity to add to my already heaping plate; but the students took charge. They raised the money and stayed after school a few times last spring to help plant the trees and bushes.

Walker murder suspect returned to Michigan

JACKSON, Mich. (WZZM) - The man accused of murdering a motel guest in Walker is back in Michigan.

Jack Jacqmain, 52, is in the Charles Eggler Reception and Guidance Center in Jackson, Michigan, on charges of violating his parole. The Department of Corrections says he eventually will be transferred to the Kent County Jail on murder charges.

Detectives say Jacqmain stabbed Mark Moore, 31, to death in August at the Motel 6 on Alpine Avenue. Moore, who was from Indiana, was in West Michigan to install cell phone towers.

Jacqmain was arrested in Missouri after a week-long manhunt. A police officer found him sleeping on a bench behind a 7-11.

Recycling on the rise in Kent County

KENT COUNTY, Mich. (WZZM)- People in Kent County are recycling more since the county opened its new recycling center.  Public Services Director James Hurt says the amount of recycled waste in the first three weeks of August was 25% higher than the same time last year.

The county recently finished distributing 35,000 recycling bins for its new processing plant.  The facility sorts recyclables so residents do not have to. 

People say they are more willing to take part in the easier system.  Resident Beverly Reid says, "I see more people using them now that they've been delivered to everyone.  I see more of the bins out, the large rolling bins than I did see the smaller bins, so I think more people are utilizing them now which is a good thing."

Over the next few weeks crews will visit homes that they missed during the recycle bin drop-off.  They will also swap out bin sizes.

Alpine Avenue jam-packed as the holiday weekend begins

Walker, Mich. (WZZM) It was bumper to bumper traffic traveling north and south on Alpine Avenue.

As of 1:20pm traffic was backed up from I-96 north toward the Walmart Superstore.

There are no accidents.  People are just out shopping for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend or getting ready for 'back to school' next week.

A quick check of I-96 showed traffic  traveling east and west moving smoothly.